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We develop expert systems or artificial intelligence systems that use sophisticated algorithms to select proper components from a myriad of choices by simply entering answers to simple questions.  Once the answers are provided the program goes about evaluating the rules to determine the proper solution. This is far more than a simple table look-up.   It ranks solutions when there are more than one and bases the ranking on the rules.   Drawings, specifications and prices are commonly part of the solution

What's In It For You

Always get the right solution
Take advantage of headquarters' experts to write the rules
Put together complicated proposals instantly
Check stock quickly when many part numbers are involved
Update database tables easily when new products are added
Standardize solutions based on rules
Promote the solution you want to promote

Who Needs An Expert System

Companies with complex product selection rules
Providers with many solution options
Distributors with non-expert sales persons
Manufacturers experiencing mis-shipments
Suppliers that have to check stock on long product lists
Companies that want to get it right every time quickly


Boring Bar Tooling Example

This example shows how an expert system can help develop a tool set solution to select a combination of extensions, reducers, adapters, boring bars and boring heads to bore a deep hole in a part. Notice the variety of information provided by the button choices.  In this example we have tool flange type, taper, required tolerance, bore clearance and depth clearance..  There is virtually no end to the information that can be included.  Click here to view the Boring Bar Tooling Example that runs on a laptop.  Click view the Web Expert System.

Gear Shift Lever Design Example

This example shows how an expert system can help construct drawings and create machining parameters after the user selects the appropriate choices from a number of options.  Click here to view the Gear Shift Lever Design Example.


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