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MachineCalc  Program

This program, developed by a Carboloy research engineer with over 30 years of machining experience, identifies optimized production parameters to get the most out of metalworking machinery, labor personnel and tooling.  It allows the user to enter actual machining data obtained on the shop floor.

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Demo Applet:

This applet demonstrates single machining operation calculations performed by our "Machining Calculations" program which is an extensive one used by manufacturing companies to determine proper operating conditions for a wide variety of metal cutting machines.  We developed this expert system and offer it for sale on a quotation basis.  Please contact us for more information.


1) Select the operation type (currently turning or facing), the tool grade, and workpiece from the dropdown lists.
2) Set the machining conditions on the left side by clicking into the white boxes and changing the current value in the box..
3) Click the "Calculate" button to see the resulting calculations of Tool Life, Production Rate, Cost, etc., for the currently selected conditions. The "Speed for Max Prod. Rate" & "Speed for Min Cost" displays show the cutting speeds that would maximize production rate or minimize cost for the current condition set.
4) Click the "Plot PR/Cost vs Speed" button to get a graph of Production Rate & Cost vs Speed/RPM.
5) To adjust the tool life parameters to better match the actual job results, set the actual tool life (parts/edge) in the box above the "Model Fit" button, then click the "Model Fit" button. This compensates for such actual job condition variables as cutting tool geometry, workpiece machinability, tool life endpoint criteria, etc.

Below is a java applet that demonstrates machining recommendations. If you cannot see the table it may be that you are using an older version browser that does not support java or that your browser properties or security settings have not enabled java scripting.

Note: The actual PC based application is considerably more sophisticated with a large variety of functions, including multiple step (NC) machining and cells of NC machines. Data for NC and Cell operations are stored for later recall.

Pricing for the MachineCalc program is $2,000 USD for a single user license.  Multi-user licenses are negotiable.  Customization of the program to meet the specific needs of your company or to adapt to in-house data structures is available for an hourly charge or an agreed upon fixed fee.


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