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As marketing and sales experts we have a lot of experience helping clients increase their profitable sales.  We get started by  understanding our client's business and his market situation before we make a site recommendation. We can provide totally interactive "Internet database" web pages as can be seen by visiting our sample Internet database.

Why You Need A Web Site

Promote your products on a global basis economically
Present up-to-date information to your customers
Recruit new employees
Communicate to your dealers seven days a week, 24 hours a day
Introduce new products quickly
Search engines are getting better at finding sites
It is here to stay and it takes experience to test
Reserve your "name" before it is taken

Why You Should Choose Us

Business-to-business marketing and sales are where we excel
Our industrial experience is unparalleled
Writing the content can be done with a minimum of your help
Custom animation can be created to set you apart
We will be there for you to make changes
ASP code creation to search databases on the web
Java applets are created by us to run calculations
Training for your employees is part of our package
Honesty and integrity are the keys to our success

Internet Time Table

This is what the Internet has, and will be, used for. Bill Gates has said that 50% of all retail space will be vacant by the year 2003.
Prior To 1990
Government Use
University Use
Marketing Information
Multi-Function Information, Finance, Human Resources
Inter-activity on the web
Internal LAN married to external web site
2000 and beyond
Fully integrated commerce

What A Site Can Do For You

Generate leads that can be converted to customers.
Find customers that you cannot reach any other way.
Help your customers do business with you.
Allow the transfer of files without faxing or mailing.
Provide a collection point for your Email for all your employees.
Reduce paperwork responding to customers.
Reduce phone load as your site provides answers.
Reinforce your high-tech image with existing customers.
Get your message to the world effortlessly.
Expand your presence on the global market.
Accept contacts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Establish a venue for your newsletter.
Provide a conduit for Public Relations information.
Answer frequently asked questions.
Provide a phone directory.
Provide directions to your company including a map.
Show videos and sound tracks about your services.
Allow downloads of software from password protected pages.
Maintain your fee schedule.
Show off your awards.
Let Customers ask you questions


What We Think Is Important In A World Class Site


Meta Tags
Title Made For Search Engines
Description Made For Search Engines
Using Heading For Keywords
Repeated Promotion To Search Engines
Links To Your Company From Other Sites


Help Customers
Penetrate New Markets
Grow International Sales
Reduce Your Costs Of Doing Business
Support Your Dealers
Project High-Tech Image
Project Durability
Project Breadth And Depth


Frame location
Button design


Page Consistency
Color Integration
Graphic Layout
High-Tech Image
     Chat Room
     Java Scripting
     Interactivity With Visitors
     Hit Statistics


URL name
Logical layout
Browser Version Required
Load Speed
Navigation Ease - button location
Search Capability
Contact Options

Human Resources

Job Listings
HR Forms
Recruitment Info
401K Investment Info And Change Options Form

Community Service Work

What We Are Doing
How A Visitor Can Help

Information Availability

Why The User Should Choose Your Company
A clear message of the company�s VALUE to its customers
What The Company Is
What The Company Does
Do I Have An Opportunity To Use Your Product???
Interactive database searches
"Ask The Expert" Chat Room
Key employees� Bio�s
Specialization Areas With Links To Individual Employees
Fee Schedule, Quote Estimation Tables
Contact The Company Information
Phone Directory
Visit One Of Our Offices Information
What�s New
Public Relations Releases (Must Be Current)
Publications You Have Written (Must Be Current)
Publications Written About You (Must Be Current)
Goods & Services - General Information (Maintenance Required)
Goods & Services - Specific Information (Maintenance Required)
Spare Parts Lists
Downloadable Drawings In Various Formats
PDF Format Catalog Pages
Searchable Knowledge Base Library
Facilities Information - Maps, Photos
Directions To Your Locations
Executive Office Report
Links To Other Sites
List Your Clients
Provide References

Commerce Facilitation

Search For A Good or Service
Search For A Dealer
Review Alternatives
Product Selectors
Quote Forms To Be Emailed To You
Expert Systems To Recommend Product And Quote
Request Information Including Catalogs
Place An Order
Order Trials, Demos Or Kits
Check Progress Of Existing Matters
Allow Password-Protected Confidential Communications (Two Way)
Review Account Status And History
Provide Security
Purchase By Credit Card
Wire Money To Pay Invoice

Free Stuf

Fun Stuff
Information And Learning
Win Things
Photos Of Your Products In Formats For Others
Drawings Of Your Products In Formats For Others


How To Get Started

Give us a call in Michigan at 248-644-8092 or 800-328-9696 or email us and we will contact you.  Start thinking about the name you would like to use for your site and prepare a package about your company and products including copies of your existing literature and a list of your major competitors

Your Cost

We can do a minimal site for $1000 including reserving your name, developing a few pages and installing the site on the internet.  A better site would include more pages, custom animation and be linked to other sites. We can do a pretty good job for $5,000 to $10,000 and very large sites can be done for under $100 per page.


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