NT Server, SQL Server


We have extensive experience installing networks and linking ACCESS front ends to SQL Server tables and other third party tables including Macola, Oracle, AS400, Cobol sequential indexing data and many others.


Why Use NT Server and SQL Server

- They are rapidly becoming the choice of many businesses
- They are very stable and robust
- Access can be a wonderful front end to SQL server tables
- They are completely compatible with MS BackOffice suite
- They are becoming more E-commerce friendly every day
- Using them will avoid changing later on
- They are mainstream Microsoft products.
Microsoft upgrades them regularly so they stay current
- SQL server will handle terabyte sized files

How They Interface With MS Access

- SQL server comes with an Access upsize add-in
- Highlight a table in Access and click on upsize
- ODBC drivers are shipped with Access
- Access queries will work "as is" on SQL server data
- NT Server has all the device drivers for Access
- Security and passwords are better with NT server
- Seamless integration is the end result


NT Server and SQL Server are feature rich and getting more Internet compatible with every improvement.  Lining up databases and enterprise systems that operate within the Microsoft family will keep users being productive rather than fighting the battles associated with non-compatibility issues.  We have seen clients anguish trying to make non-Microsoft products operate with Microsoft products.  We believe it is smarter to simply stay with stuff that works well together.


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