John S. Mitchell

25144 Castlereigh, Farmington Hills, MI, 48336

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      University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI:

Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 3.92/4.00 GPA (Summa Cum Laude),  6/12/96

Course work focused on IC Engines, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Heat Transfer

      Oakland University, Auburn Hills, MI:

Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 3.80/4.00 GPA, Graduation Date: 4/28/98

Course work focused on automotive applications of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

      Graduate of Chrysler Institute of Engineering program (6, 4 month assignments in powertrain related departments)



2007-Present   Chrysler, Auburn Hills/Chelsea, MI
Department Name: Fuel Economy Systems Development

Title: Senior Powertrain Controls Specialist; responsibilities include:

      Develop engine and transmission control algorithms to improve fuel economy; prototype strategies in embedded C software base; calibrate and test strategy to validate benefits

      Work with production calibration groups to integrate control algorithms effectively across all packages within Chrysler’s product line

      Develop systems and processes to monitor engine and transmission calibration strategies that affect fuel economy in order to maximize fuel economy (ie: enrichment, spark retard for catalyst light off and idle speed control, transient fuel control, accessory load comp, shift/LU schedule, etc.)



         Developed a comprehensive strategy to allow aggressive decel fuel cutout that improved fuel economy by approx 1 MPG on the EPA city cycle across most of Chrysler’s product line without any drivability impact or hardware changes!!! Chrysler has three patents pending for inventions related to this project.

         Developed strategies related to accessory load compensation that provided an additional 2-3% fuel economy improvement on some drive cycles

         Led a group of software developers from Tata Consultancy Services to develop a tool to analyze emissions test data in order to quantify engine and transmission control factors that affect fuel economy. This tool is providing a dramatic improvement in our ability to monitor and control calibrations that affect fuel economy.


2003-2007                      Chrysler, Chelsea, MI

Department Name: 90 Deg V Engine Systems

Title: Engine Calibration Engineer; responsibilities include:

      Develop base engine calibrations for all engine systems related to emissions, drivability, and performance for 3.7L packages

      Develop algorithms to aid in resolution of production issues

      Develop interactive driveline features (features that require interaction between engine and transmission/torque converter control) to improve drivability and efficiency

      Conduct development trips to test algorithms in extreme environments



         Developed engine calibrations to meet functional objectives and comply with emissions standards for all 3.7L products from 2002-2006 MY. This work included adaptation of electronic throttle control to these packages in 2006 MY.

         Invented engine control features to eliminate driveline clunk which were used across Chrysler’s product line because of the significant benefit they provided to drivability

         Solved a major NVH issue uncovered late in the production cycle that was causing engine roughness during shutdown

         Was awarded a patent for a method of determining transmission gear state on manual transmission packages without a sensor



1998-2003                      Chrysler, Auburn Hills, MI

Department Name: Ekectronic Transmission Controls Development

Title: Transmission Controls Group Leader; responsibilities include:

      Develop and test algorithms to improve shift quality, torque converter clutch control, and transmission durability/efficiency

      Implement algorithms in prototype software using embedded C

      Document algorithms and submit formal change into production logic releasing system

      Conduct development trips to test algorithms in extreme environments



1996-1998                      Chrysler, Auburn Hills, MI

Chrysler Institute of Engineering program. 6, 4 month assignments in powertrain related departments, assignments include:


One patent awarded and five patents pending for powertrain controls related inventions

      Method of blending off fuel to enable transitioning in and out of decel fuel cutout without causing driveline clunk

      Interactive method of coordinating torque converter lockup clutch control with decel fuel cutout to maximize time in fuel cutout without causing driveline clunk or stall on rapid decels

      Method to improve downstream O2 sensor response monitor by increasing airflow during fuel cutout which reduces time to load catalyst with O2 and provides more consistent measure of sensor response time

      Method of determining transmission gear state on manual transmission packages without a sensor

      Fuel pressure accumulator device that is pressurized on decels when electricity is free and discharged to fuel delivery system without electrical loads during positive torque demand – hardware and strategy effectively eliminates electrical load of fuel pump

      Method of coordinating torque converter clutch slip control with cylinder deactivation/reactivation transition to improve transition smoothness


Computer Skills:

Embedded:              Expertise in all of the following: ETAS INCA toolsets, C/C++ programming for

Programming:              Embedded systems, MATLAB M-function coding, Simulink/Stateflow in RPC environment, assembler programming with Motorolla 6800 controller series

PC Programming              Expertise in developing applications in Visual Basic and C++ using .NET framework