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Introduction 4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
In this section we have listed a number of answers to questions that may be helpful to the Automotive Team.  If you have a question that is not listed among these FAQ's please write it down and submit it to your manager so that an answer can be developed and added to this section.
  • 4.1  Can I spend time on products and applications that are not part of the strategic plan?
    The management team identified the applications and target customers with the highest volume potential for the investment. Time spent on other opportunities should be minimal until all assigned strategic objectives are completed. Of course, we must follow-up on customer requests for help on non-strategic applications. Ideas for new large-volume applications are always welcome and should be discussed with your manager.
  • 4.2  How are the strategic objectives chosen and who assigns mine?
    The Vice President of Automotive, North American Sales Manager, North American Technical Services Manager, European Automotive Business Manager, and Asian Automotive Business Manager meet each year to discuss current strategies, opportunities, competition, needs and resources. The strategies and objectives for the following fiscal year are decided at this meeting. Your manager is responsible for providing you with a list of target accounts and strategic objectives for each year.
  • 4.3  Why arenít the strategic targets more specific in this training module?
    This is a global training module.  However, the strategic objectives are unique to each region.  That is because the prioritized customers, vehicle platforms, financial goals, manufacturing capabilities, and segments are specific to each area.  The management team decides the strategic targets with those considerations in mind.
  • 4.4  How do I know if my priorities are correct?
    You and your manager should devise a personal business plan that identifies actions and projected outcomes for you. During this process your priorities will become clear. You will know your priorities are correct if you complete the actions successfully.