Readiness To Buy Curve

It has been our experience that most prospects fit the normal distribution curve, which I have labeled the �Readiness To Buy Curve� below. 


Techniques that work in the �Easy to sell� area do not work in the other areas.  The �Easy to sell� prospects may respond to a single phone call or a mailing or a web site visit.  They may also become customers as a result of a word-of-mouth referral.  These prospects are generally easy to sell but they are also easy to lose.  That is, they are fickle customers that will jump ship to the next supplier just to try something new.

The majority of the business lies in the area designated the �majority�.  When you call these prospects they often say they are all set.  All set with their present supplier and not interested in anything new or different.  To make sales to these prospects we have to understand the �Purchase Cycle� and employ techniques and use skills that will allow us to develop relationships and prevent us from getting weeded out as we attempt to move the prospect through the purchase cycle.  We teach the skills to penetrate this area in our sales training programs, "Relationship Selling" and "Consultative Selling".


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