CD-ROM Catalog


The true electronic catalog should allow the customer to get very detailed information about your products and services.  It could be thought of as an Internet website without having to go on-line or use a browser.

What's In It For You

Provide comprehensive catalog information
Update information easily
Include video, sound and animation
Scan economical photos and paste into catalog
Economical give-away
Allow cascading buttons for more detail
Burn only the CD's that you need

Why Replace A 4-Color Catalog

Reduce production costs
Provide more information to customers
Reduce storage space
Present up-to-date information
Reduce printing costs
Reduce shipping costs


Master Menu Sample

Notice the variety of information provided by the button choices.  In this example we have products, company information, services, technical support, contact us and an "other" category.  There is virtually no end to the information that can be included.

Products Menu Sample

Notice the additional buttons at the bottom that can be clicked on to get more information.



We can reproduce the "master" for you or simply provide the master to you for your own reproduction.  Additionally, we can design and color laser print the CD's with an attractive design.

Your Cost

This type of CD-ROM catalog can be completely customized to meet your needs for about $5000.  Large catalogs can be done for under $100 per page.


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