Call Center Setup


We have extensive experience setting up small tele-marketing centers with up to 10 outbound tele-marketers.  We install a Microsoft Access database or use Access as a front end to other data tables.  We can do the entire project including the hardware, software and training or we can do any part of the project.   NT Server or Win networks can be installed or used to store the data files.  We can set up screens for you to develop scripts or write the scripts for you.

What's In It For You

Screen prospects for follow-up by sales persons
Verify addresses
Identify key contacts as prospective customers
Follow-up on inquiries
Develop a current database of customers and prospects
Introduce new products
Keep customer information at headquarters when salesmen quit

Why Choose Mitchell Selling Dynamics

We have the know-how to get it right
We use the most economical hardware and software
We develop all screens in Microsoft Access which you can modify yourself
We have extensive experience developing databases and setting up call centers
We are sales and marketing experts
We can do the whole project or any part
We are the best VALUE for this kind of project

Master Screen - Example

Notice the variety of information provided by the button choices.  In this example we have the company information on the main screen and tabs for contacts and actions.  Buttons are used to: Add account; Envelope printing; Find account; Mail Label printing; Notes recording; Script, Autodialer; Close form. There is virtually no end to the information that can be included.

(Click on the picture to see full size)

Call Center Screen Sample - CLICK TO SEE FULL SIZE PICTURE


We can set up the system so that you can make changes using standard Access functions or we can lock out the system so that no changes can be made. You can add buttons or scripts easily using standard Access commands.

Your Cost

Simple call centers can be set up for well under $10,000 including hardware,   software and training with no hidden costs.  If no hardware is required the set up can be under $5000.


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